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Everything You Need To Know About Teaching in Hong Kong

By Livvy Hill   TEFL Life in the β€œPearl of the Orient” After two years of living and working abroad, it only took a few weeks of being back home unemployed that I got my usual itchy feet and started looking at moving away again. Having taught English in Thailand before, I decided that teaching

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Getting the MOST out of Angkor

I’ve seen a lot of Angkor Guides out there that insist on providing you with an in-depth history of each temple. The thing is, you’ll see and learn as you go so there’s no need to have encyclopedic knowledge of the whole park before you get there. It can be a pain sifting through the

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The North Korean way of life is perceived negatively throughout most of the western world, but many of us are equally as fascinated by it. North Korea is located north of South Korea (SHOCK); the two countries being separated since the 1950’s and now a 150 mile long and 2 1/2 mile wide barrier runs

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