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The North Korean way of life is perceived negatively throughout most of the western world, but many of us are equally as fascinated by it. North Korea is located north of South Korea (SHOCK); the two countries being separated since the 1950’s and now a 150 mile long and 2 1/2 mile wide barrier runs

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The Korean Hogwan

Before embarking on a career as an ESL teacher in South Korea, you will have to start by making one decision: EPIK or Hogwan? A Hogwan is the name of a private academy in South Korea. Thousands of Hogwans are located throughout the country and offer all types of learning, from piano lessons to English

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Learning Korean (Hangul)

Being born and raised in Wales, different languages have always been present in my day to day life. That sounds a lot more exotic than it actually is; everyone in Wales is required to study Welsh until he/she finishes school, so basically, I always had that in addition to the standard French and German lessons

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