My name is Liam and welcome to Tefltravelling!

In May 2013, I quit my job in South Wales and decided to embark on a career as an English teacher. Over the last 4 years, I have used this opportunity to travel and experience as much as I possibly could.

I decided to start this site for several reasons –

– Give others an insight into what it is really like teaching abroad
– Help others on their journey to become a TEFL Teacher
– Provide teaching tips that suit various ESL classrooms
– Document some of my teaching experiences
– Document some of my travel experiences
– Give others travel tips and ideas

I currently have taught English in several schools online, and throughout Thailand, Vietnam and South Korea. I hope this is just the beginning….

However, despite my motivation, I see it is almost impossible for myself to teach all over the world alone, so I have friends that regularly write content for the site.

We are always looking for writers to bring more variety and colour to our site.
So, if you’re an ESL teacher or a traveller and want to write for us or collaborate on something, get in touch –


Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Hi Liam, thanks for commenting in my blog. Just wanted to introduce myself. I’m a linguist and language lecturer and travel quite a bit for work like you, although I only get to spend a couple of days usually in the places I visit.


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  2. Liam,

    Your posts about Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam brought back fond memories of wonderful places and people. Thanks for the thoughtful articles and for visiting my blog, too. I’m a bit too comfy here in Kyoto, your blog made me realize it’s been some time since I’ve had an adventure!



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  3. Hi! I am in need of people to also help update my Travel page on my website. You can put a link to your original post on my website. Pls put your email adresses by replying this message.

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  4. Hi Liam! I absolutely love you blog. I tried sending you an email about contributing to you blog, but the email didn’t send. It said there was an error. Is there another way I can email you or get in touch about contributing? Thanks =)

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