Visa Guide: China

How to Get a Work Visa for China

Getting your Z Visa to work in China is a fairly simple, streamlined process that can honestly be completed in just a few week’s time. To get started, you’ll first need to secure a job in China as the visa process is first initiated by your future employer. Once you’ve found a job, you’ll send them a copy of your passport, degrees, resume, and passport photos. Since none of these need to be originals you can simply e-mail them scans or photos. They will then use these documents to apply for your work permit and draft your invitation letter. They can usually obtain these in about a week’s time, at which point they will mail you a packet of documents you’ll need.

Once your paperwork has arrived in your home country, you’re ready to gather the documents needed by your nearest embassy or consulate:

These documents will be sent, along with your visa fee, to the consulate that has jurisdiction for your residence. It is important to note that while US citizens can mail their documents, UK citizens are required to drop theirs off in person (although you can always hire a visa service to do this for you, at a price). The turn-around can be as quick as 5 days in many cases, though you should be prepared to wait at least 2 weeks if necessary.

Embassy & Consulate Information:




South Africa:



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