Top 5 Things To Do In Hong Kong

Top 5 Things To Do In Hong Kong
Hong Kong is one of the most famous places in the world. In February 2016, I was lucky enough to visit for a few days, and experience some of what ‘Asia’s World City’ had to offer.


So, here is a list of my TOP 5 Things to do in Hong Kong –

The Peak
The Hong Kong Peak is normally described as “Hong Kong’s #1 Thing To Do”. I can see why. The Peak provides visitors with a panoramic viewing point looking down at Hong Kong City and the ocean. I don’t think I’ve drank a coffee with a view like it before!
The best way to get to The Peak is by using the infamous ‘tram’ service. At some points during the journey you will fear for your life – I am not exaggerating when I say that the tram will travel almost vertically, but just hold on tight, and you’ll be fine!

The Cable Car & The Tian Tan Buddha
The cable car ride to the top of the mountains is optional, but really, unless you are down to your last dollar or have an extreme fear of heights – there is no option. This was my favorite part of my trip to Hong Kong and I would recommend anyone visiting to do it. The price is HK$130 for standardr HK$180 glass bottom (roughly $16/$23 USD).
The cable car to the Tian Tan Buddha is a steady but fantastic experience. The higher you get, the more of the unusual landscape of ocean, buildings and mountains you’ll see.
Soon enough, the outline of a giant Buddha will begin appearing and the buildings in the background will fade away.
At the Tian Tan Buddha itself, you can explore the immediate area of historical monuments, temples and stores… just be careful of the cows. You could also chose to walk the 268 steps up to the Buddha itself.
The photos really speak for themselves…

I’m not a “shopper”, but damn, the street markets in Hong Kong made me want to buy a lot of shit I didn’t need. “Temple Street” and “Ladies Market” (not just for ladies) are just two of the night market areas in Hong Kong that boast everything from food to clothes to even wildstock.
It is easy to spend hours meandering around the bright colorful stalls, browsing the wide (and I mean wide) variety of products on sale. The hunger-creating smells of nearby street food and restaurants are the only thing strong enough to entice you away.

hk 6.jpg

Not just a city
The most surprising element of Hong Kong to me was its natural beauty. It really is more than just a city. Hong Kong has no shortage of mountains, islands and beaches. Most of these can be accessed by public transport for little cost. If you’re in Hong Kong for more than a couple of days, i’d highly recommend venturing out of the city and seeing some of this spectacular terrain. It’s worth mentioning that 2 of the most popular islands to visit in HK are Lantau and Lamma.

The most stereotypical selfie taken in Hong Kong is taken at the promenade. The promenade is a spectacular area at both night and day. I can see why many joggers choose to run along the water front and I can see why tourists flock to get a photo of the stunning electronic landscape across the water. It’s completely free, so it’s worth walking along it, if you get the chance!

I hope this gave you some ideas of what to do in Hong Kong, or provided you with some nice flashbacks of your time there. Is there anything you think should of made my list?
Feel free to comment below!




  1. Planning to arrive in HK at roughly 5 in the afternoon on a Sunday and then leave on a Wednesday morning. Can I see all of these things in that time and possibly do a day trip to Macau? I realise I’m rushing it!

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  2. I’ve done Victoria’s Peak & both of the night markets you mentioned. Truly incredible experiences. I would add, and this may seem mundane, taking the Star Ferry across the harbor. It’s a fun way to see more of the city and the ferry is awesome!

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