When thinking of countries that boast tropical islands, Korea isn’t exactly the first place that comes to mind. I didn’t think the ROK would have much to offer in terms of natural beauty, but how I was wrong….



Geoje Island is a small landmass located in the south east of Korea, so close to land it’s connected via a road bridge.
I visited in May 2015, and it was hot.

Green. The first thing I noticed, whilst driving along the coast to our pension, was the colour of the ocean. It was majestic. It is easily comparable to that of an ocean view in South East Asia. Later, I did find out that the water is a lot colder than those famous oceans, but when the suns out, who cares?

Geoje island is not just a pretty face—in fact, there is plenty to do. You can participate in many activities from sea kayaking (beware of the armies of jellyfish) to quadbiking, where you can drive an ATV through the sun-dappled forest and find some extraordinary views.

A handful of tour groups offer a selection of trips to Geoje that depart from various cities accross the country. I used a company called ‘Waegook Travel’; they were decent, but a bit over priced.

I would recommend a few days on this island to both travellers who are in Korea, and the many people that call Korea their home.




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